Social Media Case Study

Increase engagement, particularly on facebook & instagram

1. Create posting schedule that keeps up engagement year round:
• Take into account holidays & neighborhood events 
• Determine types of posts (volunteer ask, sponsors, fundraising) & spread those out interspersed with fun content to keep people engaged

Calendar by year

Daily Calendar (for crunch time)

2. Develop eye-catching graphics for Instagram and facebook that follow guidelines for paid promotion. Examples

3. Measure engagement response through analytics to determine where post engagement can be improved:

4. Utilize this data to determine best posting times/days and content for best engagement. A/B test whenever possible to find what works.
• Identify high and low performing posts each month, including what types of posts work and which do not
• Identify what is necessary & what is “noise”

Result:  Over 1 year, there was a 4000% increase in social media traffic that clicked through to the website (we also redesigned the website to make it more user friendly & kept quick links to specific pages on hand for social media posts). Engagement increased over 300% vs previous-year posts. In a post-event survey, 100% of respondents (sample size 152) said that they heard about the event on Facebook. 80% also listed seeing the event on two or more social media platforms. A survey of vendors showed similar statistics.